As with any event, Carols in Kal relies heavily on volunteers who invest their time, skills and energy to ensure everything runs smoothly. If you would like to volunteer, look at the list below, then contact us to register your interest.

Download the Volunteer Flyer

Carols in Kal Volunteer Job Descriptions

Email  to express interest in volunteering for any of the following positions:


(8am-10am Saturday Morning)

This involves helping the production crew unload all of their equipment from their trucks and getting it into the right position. This will involve a bit of heavy lifting and a lot of pushing things to the right place (most of the equipment is on wheels). Having one or two extra people around the park all day Saturday can be helpful to do Bunnings/Church/other pickups and also to move fencing and be another set of hands. There will be limited things that people can do with the tech gear, as that needs to be done by the professionals.

 Overnight Security

(Saturday 9pm-12am Sunday 6am-7am)

Ensure no one becomes as nuisance. You will need to take a walk around every 10 minutes or so. You will hand over your responsibility to the paid security guard who start at midnight. There will be a phone list to call if there is a problem, but we do not expect one. We also need someone to take over from security from 6am until the team gets to the park. If there are extra people available, having someone designated to stay at the park in shifts through the Sunday morning will be handy if everyone gets pulled away from the park (unlikely).

 Stage Security

(4pm-7pm & 7pm-9pm Sunday Night)

The people assigned to the gate are to ensure that only choir members, musicians and other authorised people to be backstage/onstage are allowed through the gate. These people must have a tag which allows them through. The people who will be doing front of stage security get to sit down at the front of the stage and just make sure no little kids get through. Overflow and Pre-festival screen security will be similar to the front of stage security.

 Roadies/Cleaners (After Carols has finished)

This is simply a case of "many hands make light work". It will involve taking down the decorations, packing up fencing, picking up rubbish etc. Anyone helping with packing up stage gear will be under the supervision of the production crew. Bring your servant heart!

 Catering Pick-up and Delivery

Make sure food for lunch on Saturday and Sunday is picked up and delivered to Centennial Park.


All weekend if possible, especially during pre-show and Carols in Kal event. This is a fun job which involves capturing the moment. We need lots of photos of each section of the Carols event so we can put them up on Facebook and on the website to advertise next year's event.


If you are part of the 'screen camera crew' you will get told what to do as the night progresses. If not, we would like you to just go for it! Feel free to head out and around the Pre-festival and even during the event, get video of the community enjoying the Carols. If you are available at 7pm on Saturday night feel free to come on down to the rehearsal.

 Toilet Monitors

(5-9pm Sunday)

Checking throughout the night to make sure the toilets are in usable condition and have enough toilet paper.

 Spotlight Operators

(7pm Saturday Night, 6-9pm Sunday Night)

Come to the practice on Saturday to familiarise yourself and get a bit of practice in before the big show!

 Stage Managers

(7pm Saturday Night, 6-9pm Sunday Night)

Contact us to find out the details about this job. In short, you will be in charge of telling people where to go and when to go.

 Assistant Stage Managers

(7pm Saturday Night, 6-9pm Sunday Night)

Basically doing the running for your stage manager and being a spare set of hands for the important stuff.

 Parking Lot Attendants

(5-10pm Sunday Night)

You will help out directing traffic into the carpark in an orderly manner, and out of the carpark at the end of the night.

 Santa and Elves


Handing out lollies